Sunday, August 14, 2011


Imagine providing your guests with Vegas style entertainment during your cocktail hour. You can take your time getting all those perfect pictures knowing your guests are being entertained. Yes, Jam On Sound can help you!

Here are some additional creative ideas:

1. It would be smart to have lounge seating, so those who are not minglers can have a place to sit and talk. this also adds a sense of calm to the party.
2. Photo booth rentals are fun, so if it is in the budget, it would be a really cute idea!
3. Have trivia about the happy couple to see which guests know most about them.
4. Have small favors to give to guests. it will give them something to talk about.
5. Disperse the food on several tables thorughout the room. it will encourage mingling and keep any one table from being too crowded with people.
As long have you have light snacks and a bar, plus people,
the cocktail hour will run smoothly, even without any extra flair. Most people
love just talking to their friends with a drink in hand.
6.  If kids are coming, it would be smart to hire a few teenage babysitters to sit in a seperate room from the party, maybe with some toys and coloring books.

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