Monday, January 30, 2012

Five Reasons You Should Make a Wedding Website

Five Reasons You Should Make a Wedding Website

Making a wedding website can be both fun and very useful for your wedding. For couples who haven’t yet made their own wedding website we’d like to point out 5 great reasons to consider making one.

First, a wedding website is very useful for sharing wedding information with your guests. By adding the details of your wedding you can use your wedding website as a central spot for information about your wedding. Letting your guests easily find all the relevant information in one place makes things easier for everyone. This is especially true for destination weddings and out of town guests.

Second, a wedding website is a great way for communicating updates with your guests. Some of the newer wedding websites allow your guests to subscribe to updates you make. This makes your website a handy ongoing communication tool and allows you to feel confident that your guests are hearing about updates. If a wedding website provider offers RSS feeds then you can even share your updates on social networking sites like Facebook.

Third, wedding websites can be great for helping you plan your wedding. Many wedding websites include electronic invites, electronic RSVPs, and guest/meal tracking features. This makes it a snap to keep track of who has/hasn’t RSVPed, who is coming, and how many of each type of meal has been requested.

Fourth, you can use your wedding website to interact with your guests before and after the wedding. If you add a wedding blog to your website, everyone can read about how the planning is coming along. You can use interactive features such as guest books to ask for music requests. That is a great way to make sure everyone gets to hear some music that they like, and helps everyone feel more involved. After the wedding, you can get your guests to upload their photos of your event so you can get all the best shots.

Fifth, a wedding website can help you preserve your memories. After the event is finished, you can add photos from your special day. In the future you can then look back at your website and remember how magical your wedding was and have all the details, planning info, and photos available to see. Unfortunately, many wedding website providers offer websites that expire after one year. Your memories don’t expire, why should your website?