Monday, January 13, 2014

JOSP: Yes, we offer that!

Jam On Sound Productions has been providing a unique quality of professional entertainment services for over the past seventeen years. We are located in the heart of Berks County, Pennsylvania, and serve the entire tri-state area. Our company philosophy is very simple. Our goal is to provide a unique, one of a kind experience for every event that we perform. Whether your event would be a birthday party, an anniversary party, or in most cases a wedding reception, we will strive for nothing less than complete satisfaction for each and every client. Each event is custom planned around your individual needs and taste. We offer everything from disc jockeys, emcees, dancers, singers, various types of entertainers, and so much more…
Jam On Photography:
Jam On Sound Productions now gives you the option of adding our professional photography service to any of our wedding packages. Freedom Photography gives you the freedom to choose”.  We offer three different picture packages so that you can chose the right size and amount of photos that you desire. All for one low price!  You can also customize any of the three packages to add specialty items such as a personalized wedding book, or portraits of a larger size. With the addition of Freedom Photography, you can have the luxury of knowing that you will be provided with not only the highest quality of entertainment, but a dedicated photographer as well.
Photo Booth Options:
Step & Repeat, Photo Booth and Picture Us
Step & Repeat

Photo Booth
This is an exciting way to involve your guests, and have them leave with a special memory of their time at your reception.  You can enhance your wedding reception with a full size photo booth with picture book and props, or we will have a staff member take random pictures through out the reception and print them with our docking station periodically over the course of the event. Each photo will be cut to size and placed in various frames for display.  All your guests do is simply find a photo or two of themselves, and take it home as a keepsake to remind them of your special day.
The Step & Repeat offers the Red Carpet feel
with either our background or a customized background.
Music Video/Live Feed:
You can add energy and visual entertainment to your wedding reception with video play and or live feed projection. Imagine your first dance together as husband and wife projected live on screen for your guests to see. Your guests will also be able to enjoy their favorite music along with the videos making the event all that much more spectacular and unique.

Event Up-Lighting:
What ever your wedding colors, or color scheme for the reception, you can enhance the atmosphere and over-all feel of your wedding reception by adding surrounding lighting effects. We will transform the banquet hall, or reception venue, into a complete reflection of your wedding dreams. If you can picture it, we can help create it with this unique and very popular upgrade!

Icing On The Cake: Prices Varies
Need a wedding cake! Jam On Sound Productions now offers a wide variety of personalized wedding cakes to help make your special day shine. Our personal cake vendor will create most any cake design and style to cater to each bride and groom. Simply let us know what you need, and we will put our cake team to work for you!

Complete Concierge Service:
This upgrade is complementary with our Jam Session 4 Package, but can be added to any other package of your choice.  From the time your wedding reception starts, till even after the last song is played, a bridal assistant is never a bad thing to have.  The bride and groom, the entire wedding party, and the parents of the bride and groom will be provided with a right hand man.  Whether you need drinks, dinner served to you, packages carried out to your car, and everything else in between, your concierge will be more than happy to assist you through out your entire wedding reception. It is as simple as saying jump, and your personal concierge will say “how high”.

Bartender Service:
Are you having a wedding reception where you are bringing you own beverages? Then this upgrade is for you.  If you need professional bartenders to cater to your guests, here is your upgrade service. Jam On Sound Productions will provide you with up to two professional bartenders that will add that extra touch to your wedding reception service. Rather than asking a friend or a family member to bartend at your wedding reception, let our professionals provide the highest quality of service for you and your guests.

Additional Entertainer Options
The advantages of having two entertainers at your function are endless! Your entertainers can split up the formalities of the evening, while offering the option of always having someone on the dance floor. There are two ways to go with an additional entertainer.

Pump Up The Jam
A Second MC can raise the level of interaction at your event, and add excitement to the dance floor. This is an easy way to make sure that you have diversity and continuous interaction for your event.

Jam On It In Style
You can combine the feel of live music with the DJ experience by the adding on of a Jam On Sound Productions professional vocalists. They can sing several songs throughout the function and add style and class to your special event.

Uptown Jam Band:
You can add the excitement of our complete “Uptown Band” for your entire wedding reception. The combination of a full service profession band, along with the DJ experience is truly giving you and your guests the best of both entertainment worlds.

Monday, March 5, 2012


What will your perfect gown look like?

No one bride is the same ... and that is what makes every wedding a unique experience. Your wedding gown is no exception.

There are several styles to choose from: Princess/A-line, Mermaid, Empire, Column, and Ball Gown. Then there are the unique touches ... crystals, lace, flowers to name a few.

The style gown you pick should reflect your unique style, what works best with your body type and the vibe of your wedding day.

Happy hunting!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Unique Reception Ideas

Give your guests a taste of the town.

Serve something regional. If you're marrying in a city that brews its own beer, be sure to stock the bar with it or with another signature drink from your hometown.

Add a late night snack buffet to your reception.

Want your guests to stick around? Give them an incentive by adding a snack buffet to end the night. Don't forget the soft pretzels.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Five Reasons You Should Make a Wedding Website

Five Reasons You Should Make a Wedding Website

Making a wedding website can be both fun and very useful for your wedding. For couples who haven’t yet made their own wedding website we’d like to point out 5 great reasons to consider making one.

First, a wedding website is very useful for sharing wedding information with your guests. By adding the details of your wedding you can use your wedding website as a central spot for information about your wedding. Letting your guests easily find all the relevant information in one place makes things easier for everyone. This is especially true for destination weddings and out of town guests.

Second, a wedding website is a great way for communicating updates with your guests. Some of the newer wedding websites allow your guests to subscribe to updates you make. This makes your website a handy ongoing communication tool and allows you to feel confident that your guests are hearing about updates. If a wedding website provider offers RSS feeds then you can even share your updates on social networking sites like Facebook.

Third, wedding websites can be great for helping you plan your wedding. Many wedding websites include electronic invites, electronic RSVPs, and guest/meal tracking features. This makes it a snap to keep track of who has/hasn’t RSVPed, who is coming, and how many of each type of meal has been requested.

Fourth, you can use your wedding website to interact with your guests before and after the wedding. If you add a wedding blog to your website, everyone can read about how the planning is coming along. You can use interactive features such as guest books to ask for music requests. That is a great way to make sure everyone gets to hear some music that they like, and helps everyone feel more involved. After the wedding, you can get your guests to upload their photos of your event so you can get all the best shots.

Fifth, a wedding website can help you preserve your memories. After the event is finished, you can add photos from your special day. In the future you can then look back at your website and remember how magical your wedding was and have all the details, planning info, and photos available to see. Unfortunately, many wedding website providers offer websites that expire after one year. Your memories don’t expire, why should your website?

Friday, October 14, 2011


Not sure where to register?

Why not start a gift registery with a local travel agency?
You CAN take that perfect Honeymoon!!!

 CK Tours offers this unique registry.
Contact CK Tours and they can help you set up your registry.

CK Tours & Cruises is a full service travel agency specializing in individual and group travel, cruises, Destination Weddings and tours to Alaska, Hawaii and Europe.   We combine more than a decade’s worth of personal travel experience and knowledge with trusted companies from around the world to provide you with expert advice that saves you time and energy while providing incredible value for your dollar.   At CK Tours, we take pride in developing and maintaining long-term relationships with our customers.  Knowing the tastes and preferences of our customers allows us to provide personalized service not found in larger travel agencies.  What’s more, it gives our customers piece of mind knowing that someone familiar to them will pick up the phone when they call.

You’re planning the trip of a lifetime.  Use CK Tours & Cruises to get you there and back again.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Imagine providing your guests with Vegas style entertainment during your cocktail hour. You can take your time getting all those perfect pictures knowing your guests are being entertained. Yes, Jam On Sound can help you!

Here are some additional creative ideas:

1. It would be smart to have lounge seating, so those who are not minglers can have a place to sit and talk. this also adds a sense of calm to the party.
2. Photo booth rentals are fun, so if it is in the budget, it would be a really cute idea!
3. Have trivia about the happy couple to see which guests know most about them.
4. Have small favors to give to guests. it will give them something to talk about.
5. Disperse the food on several tables thorughout the room. it will encourage mingling and keep any one table from being too crowded with people.
As long have you have light snacks and a bar, plus people,
the cocktail hour will run smoothly, even without any extra flair. Most people
love just talking to their friends with a drink in hand.
6.  If kids are coming, it would be smart to hire a few teenage babysitters to sit in a seperate room from the party, maybe with some toys and coloring books.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Music Video/Live Feed:

You can add energy and visual entertainment to your special event with video play and or live feed projection.

Imagine your grand entrance, or blowing out your birthday candles projected live on screen for all your guests to see.

You will also be able to enjoy your favorite music along with the videos making the event all that much more spectacular and unique.

Contact JOSP for Availability and Pricing: 610-370-9010 or